Every retreat is tailored to the specific environment and the goals you have for your experience. We focus on individual spiritual practice and personalize activities to enhance and express your Truth. Through supported activities and discussion, along with self-reflection, we explore what it means to engage your spiritual truth, to empower your voice, and to further develop your Self. Sacred Escape retreats are for everyone (whether you consider yourself a beginner or advanced in your spiritual practice) and provide a place to practice and participate in the creative expression of your voice.

 “Rev. Dr. Kate Greysen has the depth of awareness of what Spirit is and how to express this complex sense of being to others. Rev. Dr. Kate is an excellent communicator and can have people from all walks of life laughing and uniting with joy.  Her ability to engage with others while they are learning new and intriguing concepts of sacred knowledge is remarkable. She has tapped into the teachings of the Mystics and Masters of ancient knowledge – all the while utilizing her awareness of Source Energy to guide others to deeper understanding. I can promise that all who have a desire to learn from an Enlightened Teacher will be well rewarded.”              – Rev. Khatia Krebs

Ordained in the fall of 2017, Rev. Kate speaks to issues of communication, self-reflection, identity and spiritual growth. Her educational background includes an MA in Intercultural Communication and a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning. She teaches communication studies at a local community college and is an independent Science of Mind minister. Throughout her life journey, her path to spiritual growth has always incorporated nature and introspection whether individually or in community, as she continually expands her awareness of self and others as she expresses her voice.

Rev. Dr. Kate Greysen

Everything I do contributes to the fabric of life I am currently weaving. I strive to plant and facilitate seeds of understanding and connectedness. Through self reflection and discussion our voices can become strong and confident. I recognize compassion and patience not only with others but with myself. My goal is to continue teaching, coaching, and encouraging others to find their voice.

There have been many hurdles on my path but there have been no obstacles that stood in my way. I have moved slowly at times, seemingly coming to a complete stop but somehow I have always continued. I have looked to the environment to help me seek the energy and spirit to take one more step, read one more paper or book, to seek out different methods of achieving a goal thought lost. What I have come to after much meditation and prayer is that I step into the unknown with confidence and faith. The belief that there was something better around the corner, is now a knowing that “better” is right here right now. There is nothing I cannot do or achieve with faith.

Each of us has an individual imprint and while our perceptions are different, we are still ONE.